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You remember when I was ranting about the ADVERT OF WRONG that is Gene Kelly breakdancing to Singin' In The Rain?? Remember how I said "At least no one's done anything like that to The Wizard of Oz or tried to remake it"?

This time they've gone too far...

I love the Muppets. Honestly, I do. I'm very happy with them for Christmas Carol, ECSTATIC with them for Muppet Treasure Island, and head over heels in love with them for their involvement in Labyrinth. But THE MUPPETS DOING WIZARD OF OZ?!?!?!


Judy is spinning in her grave, poor love.
*mopes and mourns*

This is clearly karma trying to teach me that no good will come of searching through the IMDB to perve over pictures of Tim Curry. *hides head in shame*

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Gacked from mystic_horizons
Name Meanings!

Catherine - Pure

Name Origin: Greek
Number of Syllables: 3.00
Gender: Female

More interesting facts about the name Catherine:

Lucky Number: 2
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Element: Water
Primary Color: Orange
Traits: Sensitive, domestic. Tends to be emotional and easily influenced to tears. Has a fertile imagination. Very fond of the home. Patriotic. Accepts changes in surroundings. Prefers to live near the water. Often possesses musical talents and would make a very good psychic.

Okay yes it's mis-spelt but that's only cos no one accepts the amazingness of spelling my name Cathryn. Clearly superior. *giggles*

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First thing's first:
You scored as Ray McCooney.


Ray McCooney


Emily Howard




Vicky Pollard


Marjorie Dawes




Daffyd Thomas




Which character from Little Britain are you?!
created with

Claudia today decided that the lovely Chris Quinn may as well be a woman "'Cos he's pretty and has girly hair". This amused me. For those that care, he's the one that was standing next to me in the Gasping promo pic. *pets him*

We spent today searching for Japanese beer [an exciting adventure in a very cold Oxford town] ready for tomorrow evening's sushi night. *cheers* We need more Japanese beer though so we shall have to go and get some more in a bit, for now we are eating Chinese, toast and honey and rejoicing in the goodness that is Clue.

"Life after death is as improbable as sex after marriage" *grins* I love Madeline Kahn. *sighs and pets her in this film*
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Chris came up yesterday. Yay. It was lovely. First time we've seen each other since the beginning of December. A little under 24 hours really wasn't enough, but at least it was some time.

I got my Christmas present - Bearclaw slippers [because I am AMAZING and COOL and Chris is a loser] and a VDay present of a MAGIC TREE!!!! HOW AMAZING?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's so childish, so purile and so very very us. It's making me happy as I sit here watching it grow. You know the kind, made of cardboard and you put 'special liquid' on it and it grows fluff in a matter of hours.

Lord bless Habitat for their magic trees.

I have to go buy a vase for my bouquet tomorrow morning. Poor flowers, they arrived on Monday but the office didn't let me know until Tuesday morning and since then they've been in the cellophane and box in my room. But they seem happy and tomorrow they'll get to take pride of place on my desk. Next to my magic tree.

Whorehouse cast list gets announced tonight. Neither fahara or I are going to FPs tonight though so littlerosyposy will be the first to find out if any of us got anything. Tra la la. Right. I'm going to eat some chocolate spread and mope at my lack of Chris and work out when I can get away to Cardiff.
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My body is rebelling.

Firstly I have the THROAT OF DEATH. I suspect this is brought on by smoking on Saturday night harcore belty singing at Fortune Players last night.

Emma, Rosie and I stole the tune line for Killer Queen [We Will Rock You version that does silly things like change "Let them eat cake, she said, just like Marie-Antoinette" to "Let them eat cake, she said, find me on the internet" but who am I to argue with Ben Elton? Yummy man wrote Kirsten for me. Well not for me but shhhhh it's early in the morning and I'm rabbitting]. It's technically a chorus number but now it's more sort of "MUJAH you will sing backing for us, you munchkins of doom".

Did I mention it's early as all fuck and I'm slightly delirious due to the pain in my throat?

I'm singing Gimme Gimme as a solo and if you don't know it, it's a very yummy belty song from Thoroughly Modern Millie. And I ♥ it.

Also doing loooooooovely three part harmony with Julia and Hannah on I Wish I May from Witches of Eastwick. Inexplicably, yours truly managed to get the top harmony line despite the fact that I'm not the soprano out of the group, but whatever, it's fun.

So yes. Hardcore singing has given me the throat of death. It's punishment for briefly abandoning musical theatre to do OMG 'straight' acting.
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Just a quick update to say two things.

1) A brand new welcome to suckandblowelf otherwise known as the lovely Claudia who was the stage manager for Gasping! I have spent today with her doing the get-out and cooking us a steak dinner [we kept salivating at the thought and it had to be done....*so* proud of myself cos it's the first time I've EVER cooked steak] and now prodded her into the LJ world.

2) Happy Day-That-Should-Not-Be-Mentioned to all of you. We don't need special days to let each other know we love one another, be it as friends or whatever, but let me reitterate to all of you on this day of commercialism [and I do realise I'm 20 minutes early] that I love you all very much indeed and am grateful for knowing you either just online or [OMG] in real life.

*cuddles and kisses a plenty*
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2 nights down, one to go!

Last night's audience was excellent, lots of laughing in all the right places and *shocked-gasp* a double-bow!!!!

The down-side of this is Chris Quinn hammed up his death even more and has an ego that now needs to be caught and shot! *giggles* *loves on him as he gets me cheap yummy wine by being stunning*

So one night left. Sitting in the bar last night, Claudia-the-Suck-and-Blow-elf declared that she didn't want it to be over *giggles* ahhh how I love the predictible traditions of theatre. Not normally the tecchies that don't want it to end though!!

Sadly I have no one in the audience tonight. Chris can't come tonight cos he's still feverish and ill. :( Poor rabbit. His sister's gone to look after him last night so that makes me feel better for not being able to be there for him.

I had txts from Aaron about West End Orgy last night and so I need to pick a song to do. Apparently he'd like a belty number. My shortlist isn't great, I'm not in the mood for most songs cos they're overdone or mehy. Mind you, it'll probably be easier to cut my choice of 8 down to 1 when NDot looks at the sheet music and declares that he can/can't play certain piano parts because I'm mean and like songs with 5 flats or 5 sharps. *evil grin*

Right. Now I'm going to run away for breakfast! Perks of having one's mother here - she does yummy poached eggs :)
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